The Edge of Heaven

Written by Nick Hoang • December 20, 2020

- Good morning

- Good morning

- Where are these people going?

- To the mosque. Today is the first day of Bayram, the three-day Feast of Sacrifice.

- And what is it that's sacrificed?

- God wanted to put Ibrahim's faith to the test, so he ordered him to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim took his son, Ismail, to the sacrificial mount. But just as he was about to kill him, his knife went blunt. God was satisfied and sent Ibrahim a sheep to sacrifice in place of his son.

- We have the same story.

- I remember asking my father if he would sacrifice me, too. I was afraid of this story as a child. My mother died young, you know.

- And what did your father answer?

- He said he would even make God his enemy in order to protect me.